The M Word: Part 1

They say money makes the world go round, but it can also leave you feeling pretty dizzy! In this episode, Karen and Lauren tackle the first five traits in Barbara Stanney’s Ten Traits of Underearners list. This list can be found in her book “Overcoming Underearning,” which is available through all major bookstores.

The five traits tackled in this episode are:

  1. Underearners talk as if they’re trapped
  2. Underearners give their power away
  3. Underearners underestimate their worth
  4. Underearners crave comfort
  5. Underearners are self-saboteurs

Lauren and Karen take each trait one-by-one and explore how it can impact your creative hustle. And, getting a little personal, they explore some of their own ups and downs related to each trait.

Next week’s episode will round out this two-part series, tackling traits 6-10 in Stanney’s list.

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